Website design and build


Pure HTML/CSS website build.


ZofToken required a commercial website to support their new brand identity.

We went for what you might call an “old fashioned” HTML and CSS build (except for the SCSS compiling CSS) as the client didn’t need any dynamic features on the site. We were pleased to discover in the course of this build that it’s still possible to use Server Side Includes (SSI) effectively – we felt positively vintage!

About the client

ZofToken ( is a high-grade 2FA product, designed to remove the barriers that prevent organizations from offering secure two-factor authentication to every user. Its ease of implementation and access, supported by industry standard cryptographic techniques, offered to the public at marginal low costs, make it a smart choice for companies looking to improve their security.


  • ZofToken

Tech stack / Tools

  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • SSI

Cloud setup

  • GitHub
  • Drone
  • Nginx