Corporate identity for cybersecurity product


Not just a logo, but a whole cyber identity.


The task was to come up with a Digital Brand Identity for ZofToken, a cybersecurity company—an enjoyable challenge!

Even though the client provided some guidance and feedback, we pretty much had free reign to come up with the whole concept.

As a young brand, we had the chance to come up a full range of deliverables and have evolve the brand at each step. The whole design system is a living Adobe XD document, constantly mutating… too cyberpunk of a reference?

Once the basic Brand was developed, we had the chance to work with this company on the development of multiple deliverables, such as their corporate site, applying the brand on their Software as a Service platform, and even on their main product itself.

About the client

ZofToken ( is a high-grade 2FA product, designed to remove the barriers that prevent organizations from offering secure two-factor authentication to every user. Its ease of implementation and access, supported by industry standard cryptographic techniques, offered to the public at marginal low costs, make it a smart choice for companies looking to improve their security.


  • ZofToken

Tech stack / Tools

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Acrobat