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This contract describes the general terms and conditions applicable to the use of our website, which is owned by the company Genuinebee LLC.

Our site has been created for information purposes only about our services, customers and experiences in IT consulting.

Once you have entered our site you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions, you will have the possibility of not accepting the terms and conditions by ceasing to use our website.

Our Terms and Conditions set out the rights and obligations of all users in relation to the use of our website.

Access to the site

Access to our website is the sole responsibility of the users or visitors. Genuinebee LLC is not responsible for access to minors without the consent of their legal representatives.

Our websites may contain links to other websites. Genuinebee LLC is not responsible for the content of these websites and declares that they are not its property.

Genuinebee LLC is not responsible for any damage caused by accessing our site.

Privacy and personal data

Users or visitors have access to our privacy policies, the purpose of which is the protection of personal data to which Genuinebee LLC may have access.

Intellectual Property

Any intellectual creation that you may encounter on the website is the exclusive property of Genuinebee LLC.

Genuinebee LLC is the sole owner of the copyright of

The content of our website is the exclusive property of Genuinebee LLC no dissemination or copying of any kind is allowed.

The trademark GenuineBee is protected by the law of the Republic of Uruguay.


Genuinebee LLC’s goal is to provide the necessary security for its users to use the website properly. You will be able to have contact with our company, therefore Genuinebee LLC is responsible for keeping your data, such as e-mails or messages, safe.

Modification of the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions are subject to possible modifications, therefore we recommend that you make a review of the content and date of the terms and conditions.

Applicable law

The terms and conditions are governed by the laws in force in the Republic of Uruguay.

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Current Version - 2020/08/20