Streamlining recruitment: Linking LinkedIn, eFinancials and Streak

Logan Sinclair Search

Chrome extension: Enhancing CRM with LinkedIn & eFinancials data


Logan Sinclair, a boutique search consultancy specializing in the finance sector, sought to enhance their recruitment process by integrating LinkedIn data into their CRM (Streak). They needed a solution that would allow their team to selectively add candidate profiles to their recruitment pipelines. GenuineBee designed a custom Chrome extension, YellowBox, to streamline the data transfer process from LinkedIn and eFinancials to their CRM, reducing manual tasks and improving the accuracy of data captured. YellowBox served as a digital assistant, enabling the team to choose which profiles to add to their pipelines as they browsed through LinkedIn and eFinancials.

The Challenge

Logan Sinclair’s team faced the task of manually transferring relevant data from LinkedIn and eFinancials to their CRM. This process was time-consuming, and the information was not always copied correctly or in a structured manner. The team sought to improve their productivity and data accuracy while reducing the time spent on data migration.

Our Approach

Understanding the client’s need for a selective data transfer solution, GenuineBee approached the challenge by developing a proof of concept using agile methodologies. This approach allowed us to deliver a functional prototype in a few weeks, which was tested and refined based on the client’s feedback. GenuineBee’s UX design expertise ensured the creation of an intuitive and user-friendly tool, turning the task of data transfer into a seamless experience. 

Key Features and Results

The centerpiece of our solution is YellowBox, a private Chrome extension that’s now a daily tool for the entire Logan Sinclair team. Thoughtfully designed with a user-centric approach, YellowBox enables team members to easily select and add candidate profiles to their recruitment pipelines as they browse LinkedIn and eFinancials. Continuously evolving, YellowBox has seen the addition of new functionalities over time, such as matching employee records and adding individuals to different lists of potential candidates, further enhancing its utility. According to the client, YellowBox has already made a significant impact, reducing manual work hours by 10%. 

With YellowBox seamlessly moving LinkedIn data into their CRM, the Logan Sinclair team can spend less time on data entry and more time doing what they do best — connecting top talent with leading financial services companies. Thanks to our developers’ deep knowledge and technological flair, everyone’s job just got a bit easier.

About the client

Founded in 2012, Logan Sinclair Search focuses on recruitment and research within the asset management, hedge fund, and private markets industries. They pride themselves on their agility and specialist focus, which has allowed them to work with many of the leading names in financial services​​. In addition to their recruitment services, they have a strong focus on promoting inclusion, diversity, and equity within the industry​.


  • Logan Sinclair Search

Tech stack / Tools

  • React


  • Streak
  • Google Drive API
  • Fireflies

Cloud setup

  • Digital Ocean
  • Bitbucket CI