Workfront connector

Professional Services Firm (Big four)

Near real-time updates from Workfront's API at the touch of a button.


Harnessing Workfront’s webhook capabilities, together with Wokfront’s API, we created a service to update an internal database which would support reports built both in Metabase and PowerBI.

Our client required sophisticated reporting for senior management. These reports needed to go beyond Workfront’s existing capabilities, cross-referencing with other data sources and updating in real time.

To create these reports, we used Workfront’s web-hooks to build our own queue of updates utilizing Redis, so we could optimize the number of API calls to Workfront. The results were fed into an external database, in this case a Microsoft SQL Server database in Azure. In this case, we used the NestJS framework to code our integration.

Once the initial project was completed, we went further and used the integration to feed other external systems, like the client’s DAM.

About the client

One of the "Big Four", a leading professional services networks in the world, this company has offices in more than 150 countries, more than 270,000 people and annual gross revenues of more than US$40 billion. With an extensive online presence, their main global website alone contains more than 50,000 pages.


  • Professional Services Firm (Big four)

Tech stack / Tools

  • NestJS
  • MS SQL
  • Redis


  • Workfront
  • PowerBI
  • Metabase

Cloud setup

  • Azure
  • Bitbucket