WordPress headless site build

Prosek Partners

We built a client's WordPress Headless site, including templates and reusable components.


Prosek Partners commissioned us to build a website from scratch for their client, Island Capital.

Prosek had redesigned their new online presence with an updated look, providing a unique and modern user experience. The expectation was also that the content would be simple to update by the client and that performance of the site should be impeccable.

Enter WordPress Headless. 

This approach allowed us to benefit from the best of both worlds: the universal ease of use of WordPress as a Content Management System, plus the flexibility of coding our front-end in the language of our choosing (React in this case).

Additionally, decoupling the back-end from the front-end helps with performance and security. 

Besides the website build, GenuineBee took care of the hosting, spinning up multiple environments in Microsoft Azure.


About the client

Prosek Partners (www.prosek.com) is an integrated marketing and communications firm, with focus on the financial and B2B sectors. Founded in 1990, with 200+ current employees, this midsized, independent agency offers its clients global reach with offices in US/UK and partnerships with leading agencies all around the world.


  • Prosek Partners

Tech stack / Tools

  • WordPress Headless
  • React

Cloud setup

  • Azure