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GenuineBee partnered with a pioneering startup in the cleantech industry to design and develop three unique products: two mobile applications and a Chrome extension. Additionally, we built a corporate website to represent the client’s brand. Collaborating closely with the client’s highly skilled IT team, GenuineBee played a vital role in establishing user flows, defining API requirements, and coordinating the overall development process.

The challenge

The client was venturing into a rapidly growing but complex domain, requiring three distinct products tailored to completely different user demographics. The challenge was to create a smart corporate website that accurately represented the client’s brand and mission, and to create designs and user interfaces that would meet the needs of their disparate user groups, ensuring the products were prepared for mass adoption. Furthermore, the successful implementation of these products would be critical to the client’s securing of a new round of investment. 

Our approach

GenuineBee took a comprehensive approach to product development, starting from scratch and maintaining open lines of communication with the client for continuous feedback. We made crucial contributions in understanding user flows, defining API requirements, and coordinating the development process. Furthermore, we assisted with marketing strategies, providing insights and suggestions on product positioning and launch.

Key features and results

The project culminated in the successful development of two mobile applications, a Chrome extension, and a corporate website. All were designed with mass adoption in mind. The mobile applications were developed using .Net MAUI, while the Chrome extension and the corporate website were developed using React, HTML, and CSS.

In the world of digital innovation, it’s all about keeping pace with the new while making it sustainable. We’re proud to have been a part of this journey with this startup, blending fintech and cleantech into a seamless user experience. It’s projects like these that keep us buzzing at GenuineBee – creating tech that’s not just smart, but also kind to our planet. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

About the client

A startup at the intersection of fintech and cleantech, is dedicated to creating solutions that reduce the environmental footprint of blockchain technologies and general business operations. Their innovative product offerings cater to two distinct demographics: the digital natives, who want to use greener tech, and the general public, who want to see businesses taking climate seriously. To satisfy both groups, the client’s products require a unique and adaptable user interface design.


  • Cleantech startup

Tech stack / Tools

  • .Net MAUI
  • React


  • Proprietary API
  • Various blockchain exchanges & crypto ramps

Cloud setup

  • Azure
  • Github actions