DAM frontend build

Professional Services Firm (Big four)

Our client had a Google Drive-based API, and we built a DAM around it.


This client’s IT department had developed a file management proprietary API. The client’s creative department asked us to build a PoC of a DAM, based on their API.

TL;DR: We built a DAM…

It was a 90% of the work was on the frontend, which really made us appreciate the functionality of a file explorer. UX was very important (as users were migrating from their very comfy network shares) so we tried to emulate standard file management tools as much as possible.

The other 10% was spent on extending the client’s API with some cool additional features, plus integrating the DAM with Workfront so that project folders were created and metadata synched with their online management software.

About the client

One of the "Big Four", a leading professional services networks in the world, this company has offices in more than 150 countries, more than 270,000 people and annual gross revenues of more than US$40 billion. With an extensive online presence, their main global website alone contains more than 50,000 pages.


  • Professional Services Firm (Big four)

Tech stack / Tools

  • Angular
  • Electron


  • Workfront
  • Google Auth/Oauth2
  • Proprietary file-management API

Cloud setup

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • GitHub