Up your digital game
— it’s all the buzz.

Development, analytics, data visualization, and content management for companies in the digital age.[Hint: that’s you]

We’re here to help you bee your digital best.

How much of your business is lost each year due to unstrategic development and poor execution?

Here at GenuineBee, we believe you can skirt that unfortunate stat.

What can we do for you?

Web and mobile development

Rich user interfaces for web, quick go-to-live mobile apps for iOS and Android, and API integrations that interconnect your software to the world.


You can’t manage (or improve) what you don’t measure. We work across multiple platforms to strategize, measure, integrate, and/or generate reports for you, so you can jump straight to the fun stuff.

Data visualization

We spin data magic using industry grade standards (PowerBI), open source (Metabase), and custom builds, so you can glean deep insights.

Web Content Management and Content Production

We build, set up, customize, integrate, and theme your WCMS (AEM, Wordpress). Then we set you up with our team of top-notch designers and creators to help you start producing content.

Inside the hive

We’re a fresh company with a combined 20+ years of experience in digital marketing.

Like bees, we are small, but mighty.

How we make our honey

We hinge our approach [read: comb] on three key advantages: agility, network, and experience.

Our method is simple: prototype early, nail the core of the challenge, iterate from there. We have an expansive network of developers and expertise – and we happily dip in when the project calls for horsepower beyond our core team. We’ve helped clients across a variety of industries deal with a range of challenges, improving their digital capabilities so they can focus on the bits of business they love. From quick turn prototypes for startups to long-term implementations for global corporations – we’ve seen it all, and will adapt to what you need.

Tech specialities

For our fellow nerds, here are some specifics of the technologies we specialize in. You can see these technologies in action in Our Work. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch and we’ll help you find what you need.

This icons means GenuineBee is partner of this technology.


AEM logo

Adobe Experience ManagerAdobe Experience Manager is a partner of GenuineBee

Nine-year WCM Magic Quadrant Leader according to Gartner, AEM is one of the heavy hitters in the WCM space. It takes some serious experience to master and we know it’s not always easy. Our advice: get a reliable guide.

Adobe Analytics logo

Adobe AnalyticsAdobe Analytics is a partner of GenuineBee

We won't explain to you the real value of real metrics. We will only say that getting real metrics is not as simple as you might think, and making those metrics actionable or available to integrate with other data sources... even more difficult.

Workfront logo


Workfront is a worldwide leader in project and portfolio management. It is a robust, collaborative, and dynamic platform. We've had the chance to both use it as end-users and to look "under the hood" as developers and integrate it with other platforms.

MS Azure logo


There was a time when we worried about servers... hah! Not all good-old-times were better... Spinning up VMs, web-servers, CDNs, databases has become second nature. From our code repositories to our web-server using Continuous Deployment is "two clicks away".

Angular logo


Angular is at the core of most of our UI projects. You cannot have a scalable, rich user experience in a web interactive tool without a proper framework to support it. Our apps are easier to maintain and grow thanks to the structured approach Angular provides.

Node JS logo


It’s in 99% of our backend code. It’s flexible, it’s fast, it’s cool, and more than half of the globe's developers are coding on it. Even better, it’s supported by all decent hosting platforms.

Nest JS logo

Nest JSNest JS is a partner of GenuineBee

We love Nest, and it makes us love Node even more. It's the perfect choice for our scalable project approach…and it’s also really cool. We're proud sponsors of Nest and think more people need to know about it!

Xamarin logo


The best way for us to develop apps for both iOS and Android devices. It allows us to go to both stores as quick as possible. With Xamarin Test Cloud we can also make sure our apps work perfectly on any device we're targeting.

MongoDB logo


To be fair, it does not cover all our projects' requirements, so we aren't able to use it all the time, but we wish it did. The paradigm shift from years of working on relational databases was an interesting one... we dig it.

Power BI logo

Power BI

From solving complex data integration to simplifying automated reporting, we've got some friends who rock the house when we talk about BI. We love working with it: and it’s visually stunning, especially when you match it with other Microsoft 365 tools.

Metabase logo


Metabase is an elegant, easy and affordable approach to open source BI. You may not be able to spend your entire budget on a BI tool, and Metabase proves that you really don’t need to.

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PS. Why all the bees?

Truth be told, it all started as a joke at a family dinner with the kids – as the best ideas often do!
But then we realised that bees fit perfectly. Here’s why:

Bees keep the world moving – or more specifically, growing. They’re responsible for about $30billion per year in crops.

Bees have mad architect skills and build impeccable structures.

Bees are becoming less prevalent, and therefore more valued, every day all around the world.

Bees happen to rep the colors of our favorite local soccer team. Go Peñarol!

So bees we’ll be. Dedicated, hard-working, and positively buzzing to help you turn your great ideas into something truly great.

Thanks for popping by.